DALL-Eval: Probing the Reasoning Skills and Social Biases of Text-to-Image Generation Models


Recently, DALL-E, a multimodal transformer language model, and its variants, including diffusion models, have shown high-quality text-to-image generation capabilities. However, despite the realistic image generation results, there has not been a detailed analysis of how to evaluate such models. In this work, we investigate the visual reasoning capabilities and social biases of different text-to-image models, covering both multimodal transformer language models and diffusion models. First, we measure three visual reasoning skills: object recognition, object counting, and spatial relation understanding. For this, we propose PaintSkills, a compositional diagnostic evaluation dataset that measures these skills. Despite the high-fidelity image generation capability, a large gap exists between the performance of recent models and the upper bound accuracy in object counting and spatial relation understanding skills. Second, we assess the gender and skin tone biases by measuring the gender/skin tone distribution of generated images across various professions and attributes. We demonstrate that recent text-to-image generation models learn specific biases about gender and skin tone from web image-text pairs. We hope our work will help guide future progress in improving text-to-image generation models on visual reasoning skills and learning socially unbiased representations. Code and data at https://github.com/j-min/DallEval

Jaemin Cho
Jaemin Cho
PhD student @ UNC Chapel Hill

PhD @ UNC Chapel Hill. Interested in multimodal machine learning.